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Tuck Your Sensitive Information into the Bitdefender Wallet for the Most Secure Keeping Ever

Want to keep your sensitive information secured from thieves and snoops? Tuck it away in the Wallet feature of the new Bitdefender 2015 Wallet.

The Wallet stores all your sensitive information such as credit card details, mail, WiFi passwords and more in an encrypted and secured storage spot.

The Wallet creates an encrypted and master-password protected container in which it stores all your sensitive information based on specific Fill Forms.

In the new Bitdefender 2015 suite, the Wallet has been fully integrated with our Safepay secure browser. It also has a fully compatible browser extension for IE, Mozilla and Chrome so that users can auto-fill their credentials on log-in pages.

Where do you find the Wallet? Go to the Privacy menu from your Bitdefender main user interface and click on the Open Wallet feature from the Wallet menu. Then just fill in the blanks.

Why use it? Because it secures the following:

  • Login credentials and phone numbers
  • Bank account information or credit card number
  • Passwords for Wi-Fi networks
  • Applications license keys

Bitdefender users can now store their sensitive information more securely than ever with the new and improved Wallet feature. See the new Bitdefender 2015 full review.

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