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Twitter Makes Reporting Abusive Tweets Easier

New App Recognizes Twitter Bots, Researchers Say
New App Recognizes Twitter Bots, Researchers Say

Twitter will improve its reporting process to help users block inappropriate content, the company announced in a blog post.

Changes include under-the-hood improvements to the tools used to review reported Tweets and accounts.

“Everything that happens in the world, happens on Twitter – to the tune of more than 500 million Tweets every day. That can sometimes include content that violates our rules around harassment and abuse and we want to make it easier to report such content,” said Shreyas Doshi, Director of Product Management and User Safety.


The service also added a blocked accounts page and plans to roll out new user controls in coming months. Previously, if a user wanted to manage blocked accounts, he would need to visit those accounts to take action. Now, all blocking settings can be found under the Blocked accounts page, under Settings.

Also, banned users can no longer see who blocks them. Previously, the function only prevented cyber-harassers from following and sending messages to their victims.

For the moment, the updates are available for a small group of users, but Twitter plans to apply the changes to everyone. To learn more about securing your Twitter account, read here.

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