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Twitter Safety Tips from a BitDefender Specialist

Twitter Safety Tips from Saul Severe, BitDefender's Global Social Media Manager.
  1. Avoid cafes and coffee shops: Steer clear of logging into Twitter anywhere with an unsecure connection, as you’re at risk of having your account information stolen.
  2. Choose a strong password: A secure password will ensure that your identity will remain safe and uncompromised. People often think they can use short, simple passwords for free services, but there is a huge potential of harm when you leave your social networking profiles open to hackers and spammers.
  3. Be aware of alleged Twitter “partners:” Be mindful of services that put “twitt” or “tweet” in their names and claim to integrate with Twitter. There are safe services that work with Twitter, such as Tweetmeme & Twitpic, but many are corrupt and lure users into entering their Twitter credentials.
  4. Be cautious of direct messages: A majority of all phishing attacks from twitter come through direct messages sent from your friends’ accounts that have been hacked. It the message seems odd, don’t open it and avoid clicking links within.
  5. Follow This “Spam Watch” handle is powered by Twitter. Twitter monitors the network and provides followers with updates and advice throughout the day about scams that consumers should be aware of.

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