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Two arrested in cyber-espionage allegations of targeting Italian politicians

A brother and sister have been detained by Italian police in cooperation with the FBI in connection with an alleged ring of hackers that targeted prominent political and financial figures, according to The Guardian, as part of Operation “Eye Pyramid”.

The two, whose identities were not disclosed, are accused of involvement with a hacking ring that allegedly targeted many high-profile victims for years, including former Italian Prime Ministers Matteo Renzi and Mario Monti and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, and other Italian politicians and institutions in high finance, state agencies, a masonic lodge and entrepreneurs of “national importance.”

“The pair are suspected of procuring information about state security, accessing computer systems unlawfully, and illegally intercepting communications and telecommunications,” The Guardian reports. “It is not yet clear what, if anything, they may have done with the information they allegedly obtained.”

The suspects are accused of infecting victims’ computer networks with malware called “Eyepyramid” that allowed them access to the email accounts and system to steal confidential data on national security. Because the data was stored on computer systems in the US, the arrest was made in cooperation with the FBI’s Cyber Division, which seized the servers.

Although contacted, spokespeople for Renzi’s party and for the ECB have not yet released a statement. The police have not released the names of the suspects, but said the two were known in the financial circles. Additionally, the man is a nuclear engineer living with his sister in Rome.

A press conference is scheduled for further police details on the case.

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