Two Can Play That Game

Same Trojan delivered first as game cheat, then as Facebook hack on pastebin

Monday, dreary Monday. How to get through it without serious (and, sometimes, permanent) damage to our week-end inebriated brain cells? We could start a global anti-Monday movement, and fight for..Tuesday to be the first day of the week?!? Hmmm,not adventurous enough. We need a quest, a glorious quest for well, in true post-modern hero style, we’ll figure out what we’re after when we see it.

Off to Hades’ land, then, i.e. the tenebrous pastebin. Let’s see what Facebook tricks we can get our hands on. Quick search, and the shadow of a Facebook friend crack rises high, looming over us, poor mortals:

As its cavernous laughter scares the S out of my keyboard, I take a moment and ponder its gluttony taxing message: don’t go cracking more than 250 friends’ accounts at a time, ‘cause the server’s an ole boy and he cannot handle it. That’s more than enough, I’d say, as the average Facebook user apparently has less than 200 friends. Purrrfect!

But wait! What’s that? A chance to glance into the past of this marvelous tool. Aren’t we lucky!  Enter the ghost of lives past:

Pretty cute: ex Runescape cheat now turned Facebook hack. (check out the “don’t give yourself over 500m” warning! Gluttony, my friends, that will be the doom of humanity…muhhahhahaha). We won’t get too suspicious about this shift of professional focus and we’ll just keep on clicking.

First, the Facebook friend hack:

Then, the Runescape cheat:

Double Trojan strike! This Hades guy’s got quite a crowd roaming about his underworld.

So, the sun is still out of sight, the birds are definitely NOT singing, and a nasty cold is trying to put my lights out…at least for a sec. BUT! We’ve got our dose of Good fights Evil and Wins, so this Monday’s not that bad, after all!

Don’t forget that a comprehensive internet security suite (updated, mind you!) will keep you out of (epic) trouble.

Hasta mañana!

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