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U.N. Nuclear Agency Emails Leaked by Hackers

U.N. Nuclear Agency Emails Leaked by Hackers

The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that one of its former servers was breached by hackers and more than 100 email addresses belonging to IAEA experts were leaked online.

Saying that an investigation is underway to determine if other information has been compromised, IAEA spokeswoman Gill Tudor extended apologies for the incident and said the server had been shut down for some time.

U.N. Nuclear Agency Emails Leaked by Hackers

“The IAEA’s technical and security teams are continuing to analyze the situation and do everything possible to help ensure that no further information is vulnerable,” Tudor said. “[IAEA] deeply regrets this publication of information stolen from an old server that was shut down some time ago.”

Hackers claiming responsibility for the attack call themselves Parastoo, which means “swallow,” the bird, in Farsi. The hackers also stated via PasteBin that the originators of the emails should sign a petition “demanding an open IAEA investigation into activities at Dimona,” referring to the Israeli nuclear facility.

Since IAEA is an international organization charged with ending proliferation of nuclear weapons, Parastoo shared its belief that “Israel owns a practical nuclear arsenal, tied to a growing military body”. The hacker group believes IAEA should once again investigate the countries practical nuclear arsenal.

The hacker group, which said it’s not affiliated with Anonymous, threatened to post more personal details about the owners of the leaked email addresses.

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