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UK Internet Providers Block Pirate Movie Websites

Large Internet Service Providers in the UK have started blocking access to Movie2K and Download4All, two popular file sharing websites accused of distributing pirated materials.

British web providers including BT, Virgin, Talk Talk, Sky and EE were compelled to bar their users from reaching the sites after the Motion Picture Association (MPA) obtained a court order to shut down the activities of the two web platforms.

MPA argued in court that Movie2K and Download4All break the intellectual property laws by illegally sharing for download or online streaming popular pop music, movies or TV shows protected by the UK’s Copyright, Design and Patents Act, the BBC reports.

The pro-piracy PirateReverse group has already set up a copy of the Movie2K as backup for those who can’t access the original.

In late February, the High Court ordered UK ISPs to ban users from accessing Kickass Torrents, H33T and Fenopy for sharing pirated music and movies. The same case was made with the more notorious The Pirate Bay.

Apparently it all started with a group of music industry representatives drafting a list of 25 websites alleged to distribute pirated pop music. The most popular examples were Grooveshark, Isohunt, Monova and Filestube.

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  • I might be wrong here, but didn’t the EU Supreme Court rule a couple of years ago that it’s illegal for ISPs to block websites?

    • ISPs however are obliged by law to comply with court orders issued in their respective jurisdictions. Probably, the injunction is similar to what Google is doing when filtering links to copyrighted material from search results.