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Under the Pixels: Top 10 Sexy Men in Scammers’ Albums

One of the main baits used by spammers and scammers is an image of a sexy woman. Women might click on those images. It’s a matter of curiosity. But men will click. It’s a matter of, well… your parents should have explained that to you long ago.

So, what about spam images of sexy men?

As a woman, I demand that spammers respect my right to be ripped off as well!

I intended to find out. So, I put on my doctor’s smock, my surgical gloves, and the magnifying glasses I use in ultra-secret missions. It was time for some serious research. Checking out thousands of spam pictures to find the 10 hottest popular men in scammers’ albums was going to be a journalistic endeavor that required balls – or, rather, the lack of them. I bravely signed on behalf of all our female readers and bloggers.

Right away, I figured out that scammers don’t like sexy men. Sexy men barely make it to scammers’ visual arsenal, with less than one percent of spam images featuring hunks, or some facsimile thereof.

Also, while images of women used by spammers show off their God-given anatomy, the images of men who flood our inboxes rarely have a God-given anatomy.

So, after hours and hours of scouring spam messages and the images they contained, I’ve found the top 10 sexy, popular, images of men.

Women – These images are Not Safe For Work! Or home, or the car, or anywhere else for that matter.

1. It’s all natural, baby!

Not just men hear this expression. Our first hunk in the Top apparently fell asleep at the gym. The last natural food he remembers eating was breast milk, according to several trustworthy sources.

2. The protective type

This family guy looks like he can do some serious damage to burglars, cyber-crooks, terrorists, neighboring kids, and dogs. Isn’t he every woman’s dream?

Or is it really a woman named Maria?

3. The jolly cowboy

This guy made it to the top mainly because of an old and troubling fantasy, but he hasn’t ridden on his bronze medal for nothing. Diamonds are so overrated, so he’s giving us gift certificates. Giddy up!

4. Street-fight consequences

This young man is nourishing a couple of nurse fantasies, and he really gave us no choice but to place him fourth. Scroll down and see what comes next!

5. Russia, Russia, da, da, da!

Six-feet tall, 143 pounds, used-to-be heavy smoker, not married and not blind, I teach math. Who’s up for some private classes?

6. The sacrifice type

Some men just don’t get it: we want them to do anything for us, just like in the song “to the mole and back, if you be my baaaaaby”.

7. Humor turns us on

From this decent and masculine set-up, every woman can see this guy will make her laugh, go to the gym with her, carry her groceries, and never ask for food. I call this sexy, don’t you?

8. Huntsman style 

And that’s what a real man does for his woman when she’s in the mood for some Omega-3-rich salmon! He goes phishing (sorry, fishing!) no matter the legal consequences.

9. Age is just a number

and arthritis is really not an issue, because with this man your bathing will be easy and safe. Too safe!

10. Peek-a-boo!

I know you think Yeti’s just a myth, but this guy made it to the sexy men album because he cares for nature, he’s strong and witty, and he’s showing off some steaming testosterone look.

The 5,000 images analyzed were extracted from spam emails collected by the Bitdefender Labs.

All product and company names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and are the property of, and may be trademarks of, their respective owners.

This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Daniel Ichim, Bitdefender Spam Researcher.


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