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US Democrats’ cell phones hacked by Russians, sources say

In the past month, some Democratic Party officials have allegedly been targets of hackers who tried to break into their cell phones, according to Reuters.

US officials once again link the phone attacks to the Russian government, as more and more high-profile politicians have fallen victim to cyber-attacks. Following the Clinton email leak, the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and voter databases in Arizona and Illinois, and the malware that compromises US firewalls and routers, people involved in the investigation suspect the Kremlin is trying to interfere with the US presidential election in November.

“We have brought in the best cyber security team in this country and they have seen this. They know the markers and they’ve seen it in real time,” interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile told CNN to back the claim she has proof Russia is behind the attacks. “We have good sources that have told us: it is foreign and it is possibly Russian.”

So far, 18 states have demanded immediate measures to protect against cyber-attacks, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Although concerned about potential external interference with the voting system, Johnson made no public accusations.

Sources say the FBI is investigating these allegations, yet the agency hasn’t made any comments on the issue, as neither has the Democratic National Committee. A spokesperson of the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said they were unaware of such attacks.

Russian government officials strongly deny all accusations about coordinating cyber-attacks to prejudice the US and to influence the election.

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