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US Security Advisor Warns China to End Cyber Attacks

US Businesses Boost Cyber Security Investment After Recent Attacks

Warning China to put an end to cyber-attacks, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon said the US will take any measures necessary to protect itself from intrusions.

Large companies and businesses have expressed concerns over recent cyber-attacks as proprietary technologies and classified information may have been leaked “through cyber intrusions emanating from China.”

US Security Advisor Warns China to End Cyber Attacks“The international community cannot afford to tolerate such activity from any country,” said Donilon. “As the President said in the State of the Union, we will take action to protect our economy against cyber-threats.”

With Mandiant’s report pointing the finger at a Chinese hacker group rumored to be affiliated with the Chinese Army, Donilon’s speech strongly emphasizes the need for more resources to counteract cyber-attacks and defend key infrastructure against any disturbance.

Saying that both countries face risks in terms of protecting key sensitive data, the national security advisor stated that it’s the interest of both the US and China that China take steps to halt all attacks coming from its soil.

“Economies as large as the United States and China have a tremendous shared stake in ensuring that the Internet remains open, interoperable, secure, reliable, and stable,” said Donilon. “Both countries face risks when it comes to protecting personal data and communications, financial transactions, critical infrastructure, or the intellectual property and trade secrets that are so vital to innovation and economic growth.”

Concluding that it’s in everyone’s best interest to communicate and collaborate in putting an end to such attacks, Donilon believes the US is still “a resident Pacific power, resilient and indispensable.”

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  • how chinese break pentagon password?
    every people from China try a password

    for me this sound more like, ” we need more money to invest in cyber protection, we are under attack , it is a cyber war out there, give us more money”, americans forget that all of their computer are made in China, so is not really an cyber attack is more a “cuiul lui pepelea” story

  • Seriously? ‘ALL’ their computer are made in China? What makes you think that, Chinese maybe good at copying and stealing designs but they’re not good at making the same quality as some other countries have, lol. Underhanded methods are their specialty, in my own opinion for what I’ve been reading and hearing in the news.