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US to Propose Bill against Foreign Hackers

The US House Intelligence Committee will propose a bill against foreign hackers, especially those from Russia and China, according to CNET. The new law aims to protect both government and private institutions from cyber-attacks. The legislation will also reinforce “real consequences and punishments,” according to US lawmakers.

US to Propose Bill against Foreign Hackers“Cyber hackers from nation-states like China and Russia have been aggressively targeting U.S. markets, stealing valuable intellectual property, and then repurposing it and selling it as their own,” Rep. Mike Rogers told Reuters.

Last month, a group of senators proposed the “Deter Cyber Theft Act”, a similar bill aimed at increasing commercial data security. If the law is implemented, the US will also publish an annual report on the worst “offenders” targeting the country with cyber-espionage campaigns and hackings.

After The New York Times said it was hacked by Chinese-based criminals, the communist country has been accused by several other companies and governments. In March, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon warned China to put an end to cyber-attacks, claiming the US will take measures to protect itself from foreign cyber-attacks.

Mandiant, the company investigating the cyber-security breaches at The New York Times and The Washington Post, has also released a study that linked China’s People’s Liberation Army to cyber-attacks targeting the US governmental and private institutions.

According to media reports, President Obama plans to discuss China’s alleged cyber-attacks on the U.S. with President Xi Jinping. The Asian country continues to deny the accusations and says it is more a hacking victim than a perpetrator.

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