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Viber’s Support Website Defaced by the Syrian Electronic Army

The hacktivist group SEA has taken a swing at Viber, the instant-messaging and VoIP service, defacing its online support center on Tuesday.

Hackers claimed credit for this act with a blue banner that reads “Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army,” and displayed a message asking users to get rid of the service for privacy concerns.

“After we gain[ed] access to some systems of that app, it was clear for us that the purpose of this app is spying and tracking of its users,” the Syrian Electronic Army wrote on their website.

Viber said the attack was possible because an employee fell victim to a phishing e-mail, in a manner that resembles their previous attack against the Onion. Apparently hackers managed to access a customer support panel and a support administration system but no sensitive data was accessed, despite hackers’ claim of having accessed “phone numbers and contacts and their emails” implying both clients and employees.

On Monday, the Syrian Electronic Army published 1.5 TB worth of user conversations exfiltrated from the Tango instant messenger application for mobile phones.

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