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VIDEO: 15 years of innovation – a look into how Bitdefender managed to earn and maintain the trust of half a billion users

The first week of November marks the 15th anniversary of Bitdefender. As we reach this significant milestone in the company’s history, and look at how the company has evolved and grown during this time, one thing has never changed. Bitdefender team is still driven by the same passion and dedication to our customers.

“15 years ago, we set up to provide the best antimalware protection to our customers, continuously looking for new ways to protect their individual devices,” Bitdefender’s founder, Florin Talpeș says. “Nowadays, we still drive to deliver the best protection to our customers, but it is about providing the best protection for their datacenters, smart homes, and companies. Our philosophy has not changed much, but the scope and scale of our task has certainly evolved and grown to a size we could really not have imagined 15 years ago.”

How has Bitdefender succeeded to earn and maintain trust of half a billion users, from private citizens to large enterprises and even governments? That’s 7% of the planet’s population, one of the largest global threat intelligence network on earth that places Bitdefender at the forefront of innovation. Bitdefender’s CEO and founder is remembering in the video above.

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