When Gorgon Got a Webcam

Trying to spy through your friends

Characters: Curious X (that would be me) and Unsuspecting Y (that would be you)

Setting: From my PC, to the comfort of your home

Props: Spy goggles (details do matter!) and a web cam

Scene 1: Y’s frowning. Biting his/her lips. A second later, Y gets to his/her feet and starts pacing up and down the room. Y seems troubled. He/she turns his/her back for a second. About turn and:

Curious X: Oh, God, no! Picking your nose, Y? Again!?!

Scene 2: X throws away the goggles, shuts down the PC and sets off to find happiness elsewhere.


If only things were that simple! Nowadays, it is so easy to hack into someone else’s webcam- you install a piece of code, relax on your sofa and keep staring ahead – that ever more complicated and lengthier versions of this scenario seem to light up quite a lot of people’s day.

Just ask around and your spying wishes come true:


Unfortunately, poetic justice strikes the “don’t mind your own business” trade and the hunter turns to prey in no time at all.


Take #1:


Perhaps a more convincing tone? Let’s strive for artistic truth.

Take #2:


Still lacking on the emotion side.


How about that? Three missed chances of getting your PC infected.

Spies live on the edge, that’s no news, even for kids. But not even spies would go twirling on slippery slopes like these.

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Sabina DATCU

Sabina Datcu, PhD has background training in Applied Informatics and Statistics, Biology and Foreign Languages and Literatures. In 2003 she obtained a master degree in Systems Ecology and in 2009 a PhD degree in Applied Informatics and Statistics.
Since 2001, she was involved in University of Bucharest's FP 5 and FP6 European projects, as researcher in Information and Knowledge Management field.

In 2009, she joined the E-Threat Analysis and Communication Team at BitDefender as technology writer and researcher, and started to write a wide range of IT&C security-related content, from malware, spam and phishing alerts to technical whitepapers and press releases.