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Why your mom should be baking you cookies for the rest of your life

Do you often find yourself hijacked when visiting your parents or relatives? Conversation often starts with: “Oh, I’m so happy to see you! You have to show me how to use this gadget I got last Christmas!” or “I get this funny message when I start my computer.”

If so, you are probably part of that beleaguered group of special people known as the “tech savvy.” A label that comes with both privileges and responsibilities. You hold the key that unlocks many mysteries, starting with the very simple ones, like cleaning up cookies or recovering passwords, so everybody needs you.

Your mom calls you one day and says “My computer is not working!” or “I can’t remember my Facebook password!” or “A Nigerian prince wants to give me money!” You drive to her house, skip dinner and start investigating. You start her computer, check email, printing, and Office tools – everything works fine, there’s nothing in the event log. Three hours later, you quick scan and update her antivirus, do a little cleanup, organize a million desktop files, back up family pictures in the cloud and leave the house with a kiss and the promise of your favorite dinner as thanks.

Weeks go by and you get another phone call: “What did you do to my computer? or “Remember that antivirus you installed after you fixed my computer? Well, I clicked something like it and now nothing works!”

And now you can:

  1. Shrug your shoulders and suffer the wrath of a mother
  2. Curse your skills and play dumb or
  3. Go over and start explaining computer science to your mom.

Sounds familiar?

Ultimately, you can’t blame your mom for not finding cyber-security fascinating. Same goes for your work colleague, your girlfriend or your best friend. But thank God for techies!

Happy Techies Day from Bitdefender! You deserve it!

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Alexandra GHEORGHE

Alexandra started writing about IT at the dawn of the decade - when an iPad was an eye-injury patch, we were minus Google+ and we all had Jobs. She has since wielded her background in PR and marketing communications to translate binary code to colorful stories that have been known to wear out readers' mouse scrolls. Alexandra is also a social media enthusiast who 'likes' only what she likes and LOLs only when she laughs out loud.

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