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Win a MacBook Air with Bitdefender #hugamac

Here’s your chance to win a brand new 13” MacBook Air by just posting a selfie with your current Mac, followed by the hashtag #hugamac.

You can use Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram to immortalize the love for your Mac, as long as you upload the selfie by February 28th, 18:00 PM (GTM+2), at the latest.

Win a MacBook Air with Bitdefender #hugamac

Guys and gals, feel free to go all artistic with these selfies, as long as we can make sure that it’s you besides your Mac. Not because we’re dying to check out your beard-trimming skills or your make-up techniques, but because we need your lovely mug to be sure you’re the lucky winner (rules are rules).

This 3-step guide should qualify you for the contest:

  • Take a picture with your Mac;
  • Upload it to social media and tag it #hugamac;
  • Get the chance to win a MacBook Air, because one is not enough.

Get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions either about the contest, or anything else.

So, show us how much you love your Mac and start posting those selfies!


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