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Windows 8 Hack Lands Users Free Windows Store Games

Windows 8 Hack Lands Users Free Windows Store Games

A step-by-step tutorial on how tech-savvy users can get paid apps by hacking Windows 8 trial games from Microsoft’s Windows Store marketplace was demonstrated by Nokia engineer Justin Angel.

Arguing that it’s not a necessarily a security flaw but more an inherent flaw in the way applications are handled by Windows 8, Justin Angel believes this could severely “compromise Windows 8 games revenue stream”.

Windows 8 Hack Lands Users Free Windows Store Games

“The real problem here is that Trial apps are downloaded to the client machine with the full unlocked logic embedded in the,” Justin wrote on his blog. “One way to fix this issue would be to have developers build two app packages (one limited functionality trial package and one full functionality package) and have those secured by the Win8 store purchasing system.”

Justin said a variety of JavaScript code injects could ultimately enable in-game modifications resembling game cheats. Saying that “storing encrypted data locally, alongside with the algorithm and the algorithm key/hash is a recipe for security incidents,” Justin believes the best way to circumvent this is for developers to have both a limited functionality trial package and a fully functional one.

A Microsoft spokesperson commented that pirating attempts will occur regardless of the distribution channel. However, they are committed to protect both users and developers from the ill-intended.

“Any successful software distribution channel faces the challenge of being targeted by people wishing to circumvent the system for ill-gotten gains and we’re committed to ongoing protection of both customer and developer interests,” said the Microsoft spokesperson.

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