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Work hard! Bitdefender 2015 Improves Working Efficiency

The latest Bitdefender line was designed for on the go desktop and laptop users who like to work efficiently without compromising anti-malware protection.

Bitdefender 2015 increases performance on work applications and preserves battery life by temporarily switching off unnecessary functions, so you enjoy your device for as long as possible! Its newest technology automatically detects when your laptop has switched to battery power and enters the Work Profile.

When Bitdefender operates in the Work profile, the Autoscan, Auto Update and Safebox Auto Sync features are turned off to save system resources and minimize power consumption. Bitdefender automatically exits the Work Profile when your laptop is no longer on battery mode, so you don’t have to waste any time or clicks adjusting your settings.

Why use it?

  • Silent protection
  • Work without interruptions
  • Automatic configuration of settings

Avoid losing documents because of battery exhaustion, with Bitdefender 2015 nothing will stand in the way of your productivity. Sounds good? See what experts have to say about the new Bitdefender 2015.

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