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“Young and Stupid” For Hacking Feminist African Organization, Attacker Says

The hacker that leaked 50,000 accounts of the feminist organization Womens Land Link Africa is now overwhelmed with regrets, and confessed on Pastebin that he has made a mistake because he’s “young as stupid.”

“Right. I’ve made a mistake obviously,” AnonymousAustralia hacktivist known as DoktorBass said. “I feel very guilty now about dumping that site, I shouldn’t have done it. It was a site promoting women’s rights in Africa for f**k’s sake. I’m meant to be supporting that.”

The attacker allegedly wrote a formal apology for the data dump victims, asking people who already downloaded the file packed with password “goodies” to delete it immediately.
DoktorBass also asked CyberWarNews, who first reported on the attack, to “remove that article” they “just did on this,” finishing his pleading with “God have mercy upon me.”
Many of the leaked credentials are from Gmail and Yahoo!, but some are duplicates. The data dump has been posted to Pastebin with a link to a 15mb file uploaded on Anonfiles.

“F**king enjoy,” the young hacker said when first posting the stolen passwords and emails from the African women’s organization. “To dump the entire database would require me to leave my computer running for over a week straight, so this is simply a small portion of it. This is not an Anonymous attack, it is simply cyber-crime. Don’t complain to me about it.”
Womans Land Link Africa was established by several organizations working on issues of women’s housing and land rights.


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