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Your children love browsing. And they’re good at it too. Make sure they remain safe in the process.

Your kid is smart. Boy or girl, they probably know more than you about what’s on the internet. And if they don’t already, you can bet they’ll get there soon. The web is a powerful learning instrument and, just like the real world, it’s best you kept your kid away from the dicey areas.

Most parents find themselves in a tough spot when setting age-appropriate boundaries for their children’s online access. Adequate filtering protects kids from exposure to content they’re too young to view or understand. Parent’s don’t have to stretch their imagination and come up with awkward explanations, for their child or their family and friends, should a blooper occur in public.

It’s easier to dodge embarrassment, if the proper tools are integrated into child rearing. Bitdefender’s Parental Advisor includes a helpful feature that prevents your child from landing on websites of a particular ilk. It groups them into specific categories, based on the type of content they offer.

There are 42 categories to pick from, ranging from innocent information to gory stuff. Among the topics that can be blocked or allowed are education, gambling, mature content, travel, sports, drugs, tabloids, weapons, news, suicide, social networks and time wasters. Depending on the selection, kids can access sites befitting their age and interests.

To make it easier, Parental Advisor can automatically determine which websites to restrict according to the age specified when setting up the child’s profile. This can be customized in any way you see fit.

Once a kid’s profile has been configured, it extends to all their mobile devices (computer, tablet, phone) and stays active even outside the home network. The web browsing filtering feature in Parental Advisor works on Windows and Android and it works with multiple profiles, each with separate settings.

Bitdefender Parental Advisor is included in Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security and Bitdefender Family Pack. Parental Advisor blocks inappropriate content, restricts Web access between certain hours and helps parents remotely monitor their children’s online activity.

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  • How can we expect to protect our children from online pornography, when even the people working in the industry are responsible for posting pornography on websites easily accessible by children?

    Only recently, Cityfibre Entanet head of marketing, Darren Farnden, used an KTM motorcycle online forum, not to discuss motorcycles, but to share his large collection of pornography and discuss his sexual preferences. Surprisingly he used the same forum to boast about his job title, even providing a link to the Cityfibre Entanet website.

    Unbelievably, Cityfibre Entanet seem happy to turn a blind eye to his behaviour as he maiintains his position in the company. In my opinion, these people are only interested in making money and have poor business morals. This is the behaviour of a company that's been awarded government contracts to lay parts of the UK's fibre optic network, therefore partly financed by UK taxpayers.

    Surely these people should be setting an example and distancing themselves from such behaviour!