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Zuckerberg ‘hacked’. LinkedIn data breach allegedly allows hackers to compromise his Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts

OurMine hacking group claimed they got access to Zuckerberg’s Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest by using data from the previous LinkedIn breach, when 167 million hacked accounts had been put up for sale.

Hackers appear to have briefly compromised Zuck’s Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter accounts, in some cases defacing them for the sake of bragging rights. It’s not certain that they have his personal email address, but that would make sense if it’s a common thread between the accounts. It’s alternately possible that LinkedIn’s 2012 password breach is at fault, Engadget reports.


Source: The Mirror

The hackers also claimed to have broken into Zuckerberg’s account on (Facebook-owned) Instagram, but Facebook denies this happened, telling VentureBeat that: “No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed.”

According to The Guardian, there could be more hacks like Zuckerberg’s to come. The LinkedIn password dump, which came to light in May, was shortly followed by one three times as big from Myspace. The data may be eight years old, but with around 360 million accounts, there are sure to be some people still using the same email address and password.

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