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Social Tricks Love Black Friday

High interest commercial events raise the temperature on social networks and help spread distasteful scams
Traditionally, risqué images combined with celeb names have made for the perfect cocktail that keeps social scammers’ world rocking. Just think of the buzz created around the release of Scarlet Johansson’s  or of Mila Kunis’ nude photos.
A recent scam outbreak (following a period of relative quiet on the social trick front) banking on celebrities allegedly caught in X-rated hypostases seems to have caught the eye of the entire world. We’ve seen softer variants, which only allude to the targeted star’s outrageous behavior, as illustrated below:
I’m sure that by now we’ve all caught a glimpse of at least one of the other culprits branded with a hard-core thumbnail.  Disgusting example of our own herein below:
Differences in poignancy apart, statistics show that each such scam variant is responsible for impressive click counts.
We cannot help wondering what caused these specimens of the XXX social threats class to stand out from the crowd of other likeminded blood boiling hoards.  Some speculated that this would have something to do with the Anonymous group’s recent threats to attack the social network one way or the other.  Our hypothesis is that this red light trend is actually fuelled by the passion for profit…..more precisely by the temporal proximity of the mega discount festival also known as Black Friday.
Do I hear “speculation” from the audience? I thought you’d never ask for solid proof. Take a look at this nice URL of one page on which all social voyeurs out there land if they click to see the wonder(s): laptop-rental-store.spammy_tld.
P.S. As for that Anonymous business, we’d expect the masked rogues to get their hands dirtier than that, i.e. get the world busy solving a true malware puzzle. Sorry, guys, but the Social Doomsday watch must carry on!
This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of George Petre, Bitdefender Senior Social Media Security Researcher
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